Sergei Davydov

Alfred Liudvigovich Bem was a prominent Russian literary historian, editor and critic. He was born in 1886 in Kiev to a family of German Russians and studied Russian literature at St. Petersburg University under Professor S.A. Vengerov. He later worked at the University and participated in Vengerov's famous Pushkin Seminar (1908-16) from whose ranks came a whole generation of first-rate Russian literary scholars such as Iu. Tynianov, A.S. Dolinin, V.L. Komarovich. The best studies produced in this Seminar appared in the collection Pushkinist (St. Petersburg, 1914) which opened with Bem's article summarizing the achievements of the Seminar.



Davydov, Sergei. "Alfred Liudvigovich Bem (1886-1945?)." Pushkin Review 1 (1998): 35-038.